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Textured G10

3-D texturing to increase grip and comfort. (available in Black or Olive Drab)  ‚Äč



A synthetic material that feels like stone or marble to the touch. Extremely durable and can withstand the harshest of conditions and abuse. We here at IAO add 3-D texturing to increase grip and expose the multiple layers giving it a great unique look. (These options come standard, select one)    

$35 Black or OD Green (Sand Storm)

$35 Black or OD Green (Honey Comb)

$35 Black or OD Green (Basket Weave)

$35 Black or OD Green (Wasp Nest)

$35 Black or OD Green (Pyramid)

$35 Black or OD Green (Diamond Eyes)

Black/Gray (standard) 

Black (standard)

Woodland Camo (standard) 

Olive Drab (standard)

Tan (standard)