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Tool Steel

At 1/4 inch thick, this steel requires very little maintenance and is excellent at resisting rust, wear, and corrosion. The strength of this steel allows for it to holed an edge much longer than others, perfect for long trips or hikes.   


440C Stainless Steel

1/4 inch thick 440-C is a high-carbon chromium stainless that resists corrosion from fresh water, steam, crude oil, gasoline, stains from food acids and fruit. The excellent wear and resistant qualities of 440-C steel make it the natural choice for a multipurpose combat knife. 

D-2 Carbon Steel

1/4 inch thick, this steel is extremely easy to field sharpen, and soft enough to use to make a flint and steel fire. Preferred steel for a survival/hunting. 



Stainless Damascus Steel

5/32 inch thick, this steel provides you with the same properties as a stainless steel blade, but with a beautiful and unique damascus pattern. ​ 


(Note: the price of the steel includes the cost of the entire knife plus sheath, for that particular metal. In the fallowing tabs items labeled "standard " are included in your price. Upgrades are labeled, and may be purchased for an additional cost.)